SharePoint Documentation Kit (SPDocKit)


I need to tell you about something fantastic.

SharePoint Documentation Kit – SPDocKit Review

I’ve been using SPDocKit from Acceleratio for about 6 months now, on and off. One of the services we offer at JFDI Phoenix is our SharePoint 2010 Farm Health Check, and this involves a lot of boring navigation through Central Admin and some gnarly PowerShell to gather farm insight. Collecting settings information by hand is tough and time consuming.

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The “Bad Command” Song from my SharePoint Show

Despite protests from music lovers, here is another of the songs from my SharePoint Show.

This is a mix from several live versions. In this song we visit what you can and can’t do in the Sandbox, and the several ways in which the User Code Service protects our server from the evils of any user code that tries to run a “Bad Command”.

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Event Receivers and Content Deployment Jobs

SharePoint 2010 has many wonderful improvements over previous versions. One of which is a vastly improved Content Deployment mechanism and API.

If your application makes use of Event Receivers or Feature Receivers, these can, depending upon what they do, cause problems during a Content Deployment job. If you have code that you’d rather not execute when your event is triggered as a side effect of a Content Deployment job, you can use the SPImportContext object to find out if a job is running, and if so, to take alternative action.

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