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SharePoint 2010 Exam Simulations

I currently have created one exam of 43 questions that are SharePoint 2010 developer specific in C#, in the style of the Microsoft 70-573 exam – “TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development”.

I developed these questions from first principles myself. These are not questions from Microsoft, MeasureUp, Self-Test or any other vendor. These are not braindumps. These are not stolen questions. They are original and ethical. Dreamt up by me.

Free Practice Test 70-573 (C#)

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There is no charge to access my questions online. The questions are hosted on this site and presented in as realistic a way as I could afford. Specifically:

  • You get to see the answers at the end along with your score and an indication of “pass” or “fail”.
  • There are no explanations to the answers at time of writing.
  • You get one question per screen.
  • These are multi-choice and can be either single-selection or multiple-selection.
  • The content is representative of areas of the syllabus for exam 70-573.
  • The questions are not exhaustive.
  • As with everything on this site, all information and questions are provided “as-is,” without any express or implied warranty.
  • This practice test should not be your only way of preparing for the real exams.
  • Source material and inspiration: MSDN, Microsoft Exam 70-573 Syllabus, teaching Courses 10175 and 10232 and bespoke SharePoint training.

These questions are Copyright Joel Jeffery 2010. They took a lot of time to create! Please do not duplicate the questions or post them elsewhere.

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