SharePoint 2013 Administration Videos Now Available!

I’ve been working on these since early 2013, and they’re now edited, polished and ready! It’s a total of 76 videos, or 9.5 hours of content covering installation and configuration of SharePoint 2013.

In this video, I discuss SharePoint 2013 Farms, Web Applications, Site Collections and Sites. If you’d like to purchase all 76 SharePoint 20130 Administration and Configuration videos, for $99 you can follow this link: Tell your friends!


  1. Troy Schuster says

    Hi Joel
    I’ve been going through Administer SharePoint Server 2013 through InfiniteSkills and have really been enjoying your presentations.
    I asked a question about a throw away comment you had made the Infinite Skills suggested I contact you via your blog site.

    In the chapter Farm Level Security > Rights Management you say it is not a good idea to install Office on the SharePoint Server. May I ask is there a particular reason to not installing Office – is it for security purposes or another reason. It’s the first time I’ve heard this mentioned.

    Thanks – keep up the great tutorials.
    Kind regards

    • says

      Hi Troy!

      Many thanks for the positive feedback! Glad you like the videos!

      In general, we recommend not to install Office (the client suite) on servers. It’s fine for development purposes if you need an all-in-one machine with Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, AD, SQL etc… but for test, staging and live environments, you want to have no non-essential software installed – not least for security reasons. There’s also the old chestnut that developers might want to use the Office programming APIs in server web pages (e.g. ASP.NET) and that would potentially make the whole application pool go single threaded… and break the EULA. :)

      • Troy Schuster says

        Hi Joel

        Thanks for clarifying that one for me. I actually didn’t consider the Developers/API scenario (as I’m not a developer and haven’t used before), but I see your point.

        Thanks again for the great course availability through InfiniteSkills.

        Kind regards

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