SharePoint 2010 Google Maps Web Part now Free!

In a fit of community spiritness, I’ve decided to share my Google Maps Web Part, complete with source on CodePlex.

Example of Google Map Web Part

If you want a Sandbox Solution or a Farm Solution with a simple way of placing a Google Map onto a Web Part page, this is for you.

Check out the project here:


  1. Maézia says


    I tried the web part, but it’s not working good. You can find a location by pressing “Find” button, but when you press “OK” or “Apply” the location goes back to:
    latitude: 0
    longitude: 0

    best regards,


    • says


      Thanks for trying it out. First, some questions: does the “Mapping” category show up under Web Parts? Second, what edition of SharePoint? Is this SharePoint Online, SharePoint Foundation, Standard or Enterprise?

      All the best,


        • says

          Hi again!

          Can you confirm that in the Site Collection you uploaded (and activated) the WSP in, that the Site Collection level feature exists?

          SharePoint Google Maps Web Part Feature

          And if so, that you hit Activate on the feature itself?



  2. S says

    Hi!, thanks for your WP. I installed it, activated it but I can´t see it in the Site Collection level feature. What can I do?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Noble says

    thanks for the webpart; it works great; HOW TO PIN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS ON THE MAP?? Any help will be great..


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