SharePoint 2010 Solution Sandbox – Developer How-To

It’s been my pleasure over the last few weeks to teach SharePoint 2010 to an audience of developers for Microsoft during their Ignite event in Dublin.

One of my favourite features of the news development platform has got to be Sandbox Solutions and the User Code Service. This allows developers to write code, packaged up as a SharePoint .WSP solution, and deploy it at the site collection level in a security sandbox. This feature is aimed at hosted and multi-tenant SharePoint customers, and also the incredibly security conscious.

In this video walk through, I shows developers how to create a simple Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Sandbox Solution in Visual Studio 2010, I show what works and what doesn’t inside the Sandbox, and lastly how to write a custom validator for other developers’ solutions.

SharePoint 2010 Solution Sandbox – Developer How-To


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